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Droid Pedometer Android App

All New User Interface and updated Code *

Droid Pedometer app paced full of features that can be customized to your liking. Droid Pedometer or Step Meter Android app has the following features just to name a few...

Use Menu for more options while the app is open.

Walk / Run Settings.
Speed and or Pace Control.
Speech Voice Settings, App says what you customize.
Calories Burned Counter
Miles / Kilometers Walked

The Droid Pedometer is configurable for the Runner or the Walker or for the person that just simply wants to count the steps, miles, kilometers in their day.

Droid Pedometer will then display the Calories burned and the Miles, Kilometers walked or ran. The app has many useful settings.

And NO Just because it's named Droid Pedometer does not mean it's only for the Droid. The Droid Pedometer App can run on Any Phone with a motion sensor.

If there are Copyright Notices on the Screenshots they are NOT on the App, Just on the website here.

Get yours now Directly from the Android Market, Just click on the link below that reads Android Market Link

Android Google Play App Link

Cost - ($2.99)
Droid Pedometer Step App
    Pro Pedometer application for Android phones and devices Android pedometer

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