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Fallen Rider Project
Fallen Riders Project
What's is the fallen rider project?

Welcome to Apps 4 Cause we are a company that likes to Donate for a very good cause and we have found one and we really need your help. Email us with ANY questions you may have. And thank you!

Your Donation will allow families of a Fallen Rider to have a life a little closer to normal. What is a Fallen Rider? A Fallen Rider is a man or woman that has suffered severe injury or death in a motorcycle accident at no fault of their own.

We are seeking donations for a Fallen Rider, Please give what ever you can. We do understand that times are tough but for the people we help they are having the hardest time.

We are in contact with families that have lost a loved one due to a motorcycle accident at no fault of their own. Not to be rude but we do not help those that are acting like fools on crotch rockets and are responsible for their own demise.

We support families of this that work hard and live most of their lives on motorcycles, I guess if you have to ask then you would not understand.

It does not have to be a lot, it all adds up and any amount will help. Thank you for your time and consideration. To Donate please click any of the Donate buttons and you will be taken to PayPal where you transaction is 100% encrypted and secure. We do NOT store credit card numbers nor do we have access to them, this is all handled by PayPal. This is a ONE-TIME donation and you are NOT obligated to donate again and there will NOT be a reoccurring charge, If you wish to donate again you will need to come back and do this again. We want to assure you your transaction and information is safe and secure.
Thanks again all to those that continue to donate, You are the ones that make all the help we provide possible. God Bless you all and keep it on the road and between the lines!

Live to Ride - Truly
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