Now Available in Android Market: Voice Notes

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This app was designed by customer request.

Some customers reported the need of an application that would let them take simple notes by speaking.

The Voice Notes App lets you take voice notes and then either save them or send them via email or sharing.

Droid Pedometer will then display the Calories burned and the Miles, Kilometers walked or ran. The app has many useful settings.

And NO Just because it's named Droid Pedometer does not mean it's only for the Droid. The Droid Pedometer App can run on Any Phone with a sensor, and most all phones have them especially phones that run on Android.

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Suggested Retail:  ($3.99) Currently available in Market for $1.99

Ringtone Creator Android App | QR Code & App |

Ringtone Creator App for Android is a full feature genuine Ringtone Creator for Android. This Android app allows you to Create new and edit existing Ringtones from right on your phone. If you have your favorite music on your phone you can turn it into your ringtone.

We are releasing a New Ringtone Creator on or around:
July 1st 2011, Ringtone Creator will be even easier to use and have a better user interface. We have decided to offer this new version at a discounted price for a limited time so check back often to see more!

Feature Include:
* No Ads
* Free Updates
* UNLIMITED Ringtone Creation.
* NO Monthly Fees!

Voted Best App. Android Library!
Always Free updates and more features to come. This Ringtone Creator has all the features a desktop application would but it's packed into a powerful app for your Android Phone.

Scan QR Code with your barcode scanner to purchase.

Cost - ($7.99) USD

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Battery Pro Coming Soon! | QR Code |

If you like our Battery widgets your going to love our new creation called Battery Pro.

Battery Pro has been in development for more then 2 months and offers the same features that our customers love but this new version will have a massive amount of different colors and new battery percentage animations and battery information.

Battery Pro will also have ALL the battery information available in the entire Android system, If its battery related Battery Pro will show it to you!

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Call Blocker Android application  | QR Code & App |

Call Blocker is just that, you control who can bother you on the phone with this application. Simply set up a blacklist and begin blocking unwanted calls..

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Solitaire Plus, 3 Card Games in 1 Great App.

Get 3 Great Android Card games in one easy to use App. Solitaire plus has Solitaire, Spider and FreeCell in one easy to use application. There are many custom options for these games listed in the menu such as different views and playing styles and much more.

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